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Friday, February 15, 2013

From my sketchbook

I'm working my way through a 6 week Zentangle course. I've never been successful at meditation, but meditative drawing might be my thing.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Joining in!

Last month I joined the North Coast Needlers Quilt Guild. At every meeting they hand out bags filled with nearly everything you would need to make a quilt block. You return the block at the next meeting and a volunteer pieces them into quilts for a wide variety of local charities. I consider myself the maker of art quilts and I don't do piece work, but it is fun to whip up a block and work on some new skills without committing to a huge project.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

$2 Hobo Bag

 Here is another Dollar Store Challenge project. This hobo bag was made clothes line and a bandanna and here is how.

1. Iron your bandana. Create a 1" drawstring pocket. (You can
make this larger or smaller based on the size of your clothes line.)
The canal just needs to be large enough for the line to slip through.

 2. Fold you bandana in half and sew up side seam.
 3. Iron so the side seam is in the center.
 4. Then sew the bottom seam.
 5. measure 1" from the corner of the bottom of the bag. Connect the marks and sew. This creates a nice shape to the bottom of your bag and also insures that you won't pop a seam and loose anything from your bag.

 5. Safety pin the end of your clothes line.
 6. Snake your line through the canal you created at the top of your bag. Once you have the rope all the way through remove the safety pin.
 7. Pull through enough clothing line for the line to reach the bottom of the bag and sew ends to the bottom near the corner that you created.
 There you go! I wish I could say we are now ready for the beach. Unfortunately we are working on 6" of snow. : (