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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dollar Store Hand Puppet

I decided to take the Dollar Store Challenge and see what I could come up with perusing the isles of my local establishment. It is harder than it looks. So, here is one idea I came up with. It is so ridiculously simple I hate to call it a tutorial. While the challenge was suppose to be a 30 minute craft challenge – you will have about 25 minutes to spare! 

Purchased at the Dollar Store:
Fake Play Teeth
Dusting or Car Care Mitt
Googley  Eyes
Hair Clip (optional)

Had on Hand:
Hot Glue Gun 

I made couple of versions. One with the nubby side as the face and one with that side as hair. I also switched up the eye size. I think having the eyes two different sizes is more monster like but may be disturbing to some small children.Everything was attached with a generous helping of hot glue. And while I never suggest children wield a hot glue gun, you could have your child make the design decisions and then you could do the gluing.

Additional Ideas
Attach a small teddy bear to the thumb so your monster has a play thing of its own.
You could just use one set of teeth (uppers or lowers – because we all know monsters have bad teeth.)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Crocheting for charity

Warm Up America
My local craft store, Pat Catan’s, is participating in Warm Up America January-February. I love this program for several reasons. First they accept swatches 7” x 9” and then assemble them into throws. Brilliant - right? You can make a small swatch in a stitch that you have always wanted to try without committing to a huge project. Plus, let’s face it – what are you going to do with that huge stash of partially used skeins of yarn? 

In addition to swatches they accept yarn donations and they are always looking for volunteers to assemble and distribute the throws. 

Tip: I keep a piece of crescent board cut to 7x9 so I can gage if my swatch is the right size. Since I use this project to test out new stitches, I never know exactly how many stitches it is going to take to get my size when I start out. 

Tip: This is an excellent T.V. project. I keep a basket beside the couch and a tote bag to take anywhere I think I’m going to have down time (the car waiting to pick up my daughter, the doctor’s office . . .)

If you don’t live near a Pat Catan’s, don’t despair, there are groups across the country who participate. Check out the website to find one in your area or start your own!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Special Event Survival Kit

My daughter is about to embark on a month long series of show choir competitions. Since there won't be any running home to pick something up, I've prepared a "show choir competition survival kit." One is going in her garment bag and one is going to her show choir teacher. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to design a fancy label. But, I'm particularly proud of the fact that I found these pencil boxes to stash all the stuff for just 49 cents! Something like this would be really cute with hangover cures for a bachelor party.
Here is what I included:
First Aid Kit
Cough Drops
Hand Lotion
Listerine Sheets
Chap Stick

Monday, January 21, 2013

Craft Room Ideas!

I have a serious case of hutch envy. I know every crafter secretly wants to be more organized if it just didn't take time and discipline!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Keep your projects moving forward!

Keep it moving!
I would love to have nothing to do all day but create. But, we all know that only happens in fantasy land. So, I’m sharing a few tips on how to keep your projects moving even when life interrupts.

Jot down what’s next. Whether you are interrupted or just find a good stopping point, it can be hard to remember what you planned to do next when you step away from a project. So, I write down my next step on a post-it-note. When I return to my project, my note prompts as to what I had planned to do next.

Keep it together. I’m one of the lucky ones, I have a room dedicated to crafting. Even so, my materials can be scattered around the entire house. But, keeping everything for a project together can save you time and aggravation. If you are a multiple project person like me, you may need to invest in a couple of pairs of scissors or to make this work.

Don't get sucked in. Sometimes I get off track because I see something online that I want to try. Fearing I won’t get back to it, I just have to give it a try NOW. I’ve curbed this impulsive behavior by using Pinterest and/or a binder. Now I know the rock’n idea is there when I really have time to devote to it.

Ritualize it. If the day gets away from you, consider adding a nightly ritual like handwork in front of the TV or working for ½ hour before the kids come home or as a reward for cleaning up after dinner.

Down time – you know, that time you spend in the parking lot waiting for your child to get out of guitar lessons or in the doctor’s waiting room. If your crafting project isn’t portable, consider stashing a crafting magazine or book in your car.